Personal Trainer

If you don´t want to do without sports during your vacation, our personal trainer Tina Kaiser is the right person to talk to!

Tina runs a small, versatile fitness studio on Skyline Blvd. in Cape Coral. Starting 06:30 am (Thursdays; Early Bird Bootcamp), you can exercise in various forms of training.

All trainings are balanced to all age groups; seniors and kids are welcome. Of course, individual fitness levels or health restrictions are well considered.

For just 10 $ per hour, Tina offers one-hour group class (first hour is free); individual one-on-one sessions start at 35 $ for 30 minutes and 50 $ for 60 minutes respectively.

Classes are held in English and/or German.

Fit and Fun
3818 Skyline Blvd. Unit 1
Cape Coral

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